Photographing Jewelry: Woodland Bracelet

DSC_1567 (6)

My challenge here was to showcase my two favorite charms, the pinecone and bird’s nest, on this sterling silver woodland-themed bracelet, while still lending adequate detail to the others. I also wanted the image to be clean, minimalist and bright, allowing the true colour of the oxidized silver to glow without any odd reflections.

I photographed the bracelet at night in a small LED-lit studio-in-a-box with a pure white backdrop (black and gray were too harsh), without flash or other light source. I set my Nikon D5000 to A priority and ultimately settled on f/18, ISO-2000 with 1/50 sec exposure time and a 32 mm focal length. I should have used exposure compensation but didn’t. The result was still too dark and a wee bit grainy, so I used photo editing to sharpen the image and increase the brightness considerably.

Overall I’m fairly happy with this photo. Any advice on how I could have improved it would be most appreciated.


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