Photographing Jewelry II: Writer’s Necklace

As a writer who loves fine tools and ephemera of the craft – fountain pens, beautiful inks, old stamps, postcards, etc. – I’ve recently been craving a unique necklace with a writer’s theme. I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted in the marketplace, so I decided to make my own.

20160824_103721 (11)

Pen nib necklace, with 1913 penny postcard and cobalt blue fountain pen ink

For this piece, which would suit a drawing artist, too, I used a steel dip pen nib (512 Bowl Pointed Ex-Fine B nib, made by the Hunt Pen Company in the U.S. and sold under the Speedball brand) and added a stainless steel jump ring and rollo chain. It’s a little old-world, a bit steampunk, yet the material makes it sleek and modern. The nib I used is new, but I’ll be seeking out vintage specimens, too, to turn into more jewelry, perhaps to offer in my shop. In the meantime, I had fun shooting this vignette!


2 thoughts on “Photographing Jewelry II: Writer’s Necklace

  1. I am a bit odd in that I don’t generally like any jewellery, but I actually like this!! Pen nibs are so pleasing, and I love the simplicity of your design.

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