Still Life: Coffee beans and green apple

DSC_1938 (7)My husband looked at this photo and said, “Why the apple?” I understood immediately what he meant, because, when I was composing the vignette, trying out a few props, I’d asked myself the same thing. The old-school coffee grinder, beans, scoop and burlap backdrop are obvious go-togethers; the apple is a case of “one of these things is not like the others.” So why did I use it here?

I included the green apple mainly for its bright, complementary pop of colour against all that brown. The organics  ̶  the fruit, beans and even the grinder’s wooden handle  ̶  offset the cold metal which could otherwise dominate the image. The apple shares the same shape as the knob, which is relegated to the corner, and as such helps balance the photo’s composition; I even positioned the apple so its stem follows the same angle as the handle. Plus, the fruit’s condensation picks up the same tonal highlights which appear on the beans and grinder.

Photographed in natural light with a Nikon D5000 at f/6.3, ISO-500, 1/15 sec. and 24 mm focal length.


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