Fall Cleaning

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve spent the last couple of days finalizing the writing on some upcoming posts and organizing ideas for new ones. (I’ve now got a list of planned posts sorted out by month until next July – aren’t you proud of me? Feel free to be completely disgusted, too.) Last night, I also did a fall cleanup of my blog’s appearance. Now that I’m more comfortable with the way WordPress and my template works (or doesn’t work, as the case may be, grrrr), I put more widgets in my sidebar and reordered everything. The OCD in me feels much better now.

I’ve added a couple of new features. The first is a monthly image at the top of the sidebar. This will always be my own photography (as is most of what appears on my blog), and always related to the current month or season. Some photos will be linked from a previous post, and some will be stand-alones (i.e. directly from computer to widget; to do this, you start a new post, upload the photo to the Media Library as usual, then delete the draft post; if I’ve been a complete idiot and missed an easier way of doing this, please let me know – and feel free to call me an idiot). I don’t know why I didn’t notice this feature in the widget list before, but I’m glad I finally did. Now that I’ve sorted it all out, I feel very smug and virtuous. Take that, HTML!

The other feature I’ve decided to incorporate is a monthly theme. I’ll usually “announce” what it is with my first post of the month, or maybe give a clue in the last post of the previous month – which I think I did in September. If you haven’t already guessed, October’s theme is Something witchy this way comes – everything leading up, of course, to Samhain and Hallowe’en at the end of the month.

Probably these changes seem insignificant and un-noteworthy. And I know fellow blogger PaperPuff has already asked something similar, but … does anyone else plan a monthly or seasonal theme or use the sidebar image widget? If so, do your readers respond to them? Perhaps not in so many words, but do you think these are valuable parts of your blog?

For the record … this post was completely spur-of-the-moment, ad hoc and unplanned. So there.


11 thoughts on “Fall Cleaning

  1. I admire your organisation. I tend to just have a list of potential posts and if I’ve got nothing else to share I write up one of them. I need to access my blog through a pc more often and tidy it up. I’m also getting a bit edgy about reaching my media storage limit as I don’t want to pay for my blog, it really isn’t ‘big’ enough to warrant it. I may have to delete some posts, or at least the photos.

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  2. I notice the percentage usage when I ‘add media’ to a post. It appears on the bottom left hand of my screen. Mine is still very low and I add a lot of my pictures as separate images, otherwise I can’t share them in Pinterest too. So I think it should last us all a while, no? Love the new look and the idea of using your own seasonal photos is super.

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