Yule Be Home for Christmas

dsc_9464-6(Sorry ’bout that!) Just a short post today to let you know my theme for December. As the days darken and the air grows ever colder (although the last few days, we’ve enjoyed double-digit temperatures … not exactly winter weather!), we hunker down and stay mostly at home. That is, when we’re not decking the halls to the nth degree or running around like crazies, partying, overeating and shopping ’til we drop!

How will you spend this month? Will your days be frenetic, full of tree trimming and baking, list-making and entertaining? Or will you snuggle under a warm blanket with a good book or that basket of knitting and greet the winter solstice with a quiet, meditative calm?

I hope I’ll find myself doing the latter. Plus a little bit of rule-breaking. Years ago, my family decided to forego our gift-giving tradition, which was getting entirely out of hand. (Too many gifts, all of them unnecessary.) Instead of exchanging presents, we’re supposed to make equivalent donations to our favourite charities. This year, however, I’ll be putting some of the crafts I’ve been experimenting with to good use. Everyone will get a little handmade sum-sum. I figure, since each item is made with love, it’s no bad thing to be naughty just this once!

So, when I’m not out working, I’ll spend peaceful afternoons snug in my studio, or maybe picking out some tunes on my guitar. I do hope for snow – just not on the few days we travel to family get-togethers in other parts of the city. I love watching it come down outside our balcony window, kissing the trees on the golf course with a cottony hush. Perhaps, when I need a bit of fresh air, I’ll take a silent night stroll around the neighbourhood to catch a few falling flakes, my way lit by the comforting twinkle of glowing fairy lights.

Not surprisingly, then, December’s theme is the celebration of Yule, Midwinter and the pleasure of gettin’ cosy.


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