Getting Inked

20161204_011021-5These are my first attempts at colouring with alcohol-based markers. I’m no artist — I’m more a copyist or a hey-that-looks-neat-I-think-I’ll-try-it-ist — so there’s a lot to learn about shading, blending and other artful concepts. Also, I don’t have a great selection of colours yet, so my palette is pretty limited. But I love the beautiful shading that’s possible, and it’s fun!

For these images, I either traced or drew freehand onto Canson XL Marker paper using a black Prismacolor Premier alcohol marker. I also have a black Pentel sign pen that I use elsewhere; it’s not alcohol-based so may not work well for this medium, but it would give me a finer outline. The colouring is done with Copic Sketch and #coloring markers, supplemented in small areas with water-based markers where I lack those colours in alcohol inks. In the window scene, I used metallic watercolour markers for the moon, stars and ornaments.

20161206_011019-5Going forward, I’m hoping to use my own images more often than not, rather than rely on colouring books or other sources. Although there are dozens of colouring books out there, I find most of their graphics far too busy; looking at some of them actually irritates me! I prefer simpler motifs. Perhaps coming up with original designs will help train my eye to see things more artistically.

I know that I can also use rubber stamps to create the images. I’m sad and kicking myself because, several years ago in a frenzied housecleaning purge, at a time when I wasn’t doing any crafts, I got rid of a rather nice collection of stamping supplies. Oh, how I wish I had them back again! I do have this one tiny pinecone stamp for use on little muslin bags I mean to sew for my shop. Achhh! So much to do, so little time!

20161206_054701-4By the way, if you follow this blog, you’ve heard me talking about Pinterest. I do haunt Pinterest quite regularly and have posted much of my work there, including some you haven’t seen here. My other boards range from Medieval Mist to the witchy and apothecary, from places in Britain I’ve visited to Portals to Taverns, Tearooms, Inns & Pubs, from still life art & photography to Lanterns, Candles & Lamplight. You are most welcome to pay me a visit there!20161206_011536-4


13 thoughts on “Getting Inked

  1. These look great! I know what you mean about colouring books, they give me brain ache they are so full on. If you just want to practise, there are plenty of free digital stamp images available to download. Inkjet printer ink is usually ok with alcohol markers.

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