17 for 2017

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere are some of my hopes and goals for the coming year. (I note how most of them involve health and time … two of our most precious commodities.) Writing this list and keeping tabs on it throughout the coming months is a valuable exercise. Here’s to a happy, healthy and productive New Year!

Such a cliché, but this is the number of pounds I’d like to lose … and then some. 🙂 Enough of the holiday goodies and “winter weight”, already!

The number of novels waiting patiently for me to crack open. I’m an avid reader, but when there are crafts to be done, an online shop, blog and social media to manage, plus a job and the rest of life to attend to, something has to give. I miss my literary escape, so this year I’ll make a concerted effort to be a better bookworm.

Minutes a day, several times per week, to spend decluttering and tidying our home. Short, frequent sessions devoted to one room or task are easier and less overwhelming than an all-at-once cleanup.

The day in March, April or May when I hope to complete my intermediate archery coaching certification. I took the training clinic well over a year ago but still have book work and a practicum to do.

The number of additional years I wish my mother could stay on this planet, which would make her a centenarian! Yes, it’s a fanciful notion, but blessedly she’s still got all her marbles and is doing well. She’s my best friend, and I can’t imagine being without her!

I’d like to maintain a stock of about 12 wooden items in my Etsy shop at all times. These wood necklaces and amulets are my most popular pieces but take the longest to make, so I sometimes get lazy. A production blitz every once in a while should be enough to meet this goal.

The number of months I will continue to run my shop before I take yearly stock of its viability. (This past November, I considered packing it in but decided to give it another chance.) During this time, I may play around with the shop’s focus or work on ways to freshen it up and bring in more business.

Multiplied by a thousand = the number of steps I’d like to take every day (to help with #17). 10,000 steps equal about 9 km (5 miles). According to a UK study, the average person manages only about 3,000 daily steps. Now, where’s that dusty old pedometer?

One hike or photography ramble per month from September through May. (It’s usually too hot for me in the summer, but I might manage June.) We have so many local parks, gardens, conservation areas and trails to choose from, and I long to get back to nature (plus refresh my photo stock).

The number of strings on a mandolin, the next instrument I’d like to learn to play. I think this would be an awesome addition to my musical repertoire!

Servings of fruit and vegetables per day (on average), which, according to Canada’s Food Guide, is the recommended allowance for my age and gender. Despite the fact that I’m vegetarian, I don’t get nearly enough of the good stuff, so I’ll try to work up to that amount gradually.

The minimum number of hours of sleep I’d like to get per night, every night. Sleep is an elusive commodity for me nowadays, but this is the year I really hope to kick my night owl habit.

Deep breaths I need to take every time some fool driver does something rude, stupid or illegal on the road. Unsafe and inconsiderate drivers irritate me to no end, but my blood pressure just can’t take the stress anymore! Can someone come and cleanse my aura, please?!

Hours per week I’d like to dedicate to my archery practice. Most of my time at the range these days is devoted to teaching, so regular weekly sessions (no matter the number of hours) would be a great start to building up my personal scores again.

I’d love to have three glorious, uninterrupted weeks on the Muskoka island where my family (mom, siblings & spouses) spends summer vacation — a lifelong tradition. For the last few years, I’ve had to make the two-hour commute to my part-time job every couple of days during this period. If #1 pans out, I may just be able to swing a bit more island time this year!

Continued stability of my eye health. No more relapses, please, of the chronic condition which ten years ago robbed me of most of the sight in one eye and which has entailed constant therapy ever since. Thankfully, things are stable now, but the threat (to both eyes) is always there. Another excellent reason to keep the blood pressure down. Fingers crossed!

Get another job that works in conjunction with my part-time coaching gig. Time to clear away some debt and start saving for a new car to replace my 16-year-old clunker.

The number of craft supplies I intend to purchase (other than those needed to maintain my shop) until I use up much of the vast stock I already have. I will allow myself to try new projects only if I already own or can recycle or create the required materials myself.


18 thoughts on “17 for 2017

  1. The very best of luck with your 17 for 2017. A simply marvellous list. My husband could do with calming down on the road too, and his blood pressure is a problem. Good luck with your shop. What incredibly interesting things are on the list, archery and mandolin playing! Going to watch your progress with great interest and enjoyment.

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  2. Good list! I think I would share some of these with you, for sure. I have an interesting little fact, well allegedly it is true but you never know. In the UK the recommended portions of fruit and veg is five a day. Apparently it is an arbitrary amount and was selected as the most the advisors/boffins/whoever made the rule thought they could persuade the UK public to eat!! Quite damning, really!!

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    • Thanks! I do wonder just who makes these recommendations and why they settle on the amounts they do. If I manage half the amount (what’s 3.5 apples, bananas and broccoli?) a day, I’ll be happy. Speaking of spinach, did you know that it doesn’t have nearly the amount of iron we were told (for decades) it did? Apparently, the “scientist” who did the measurements misplaced a decimal point. Popeye and kids everywhere who were force-fed all that green stuff are not amused!

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      • Noooooo! Really? Well, actually I like spinach (raw, preferably) so I guess I don’t mind, but honestly, how did that happen? I am a firm believer in listening to what your body says anyway. Sometimes spinach, sometimes chocolate!

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    • Thank you! I do find that making a list and trying to stick with it as best as I can helps me accomplish more than I normally would. (For instance, I’m already reading my third novel of the year, so I’m well on my way in that regard.) Good luck with your own list!

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