Writing Rocks


Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop fountain pen in Turquoise Dots; Winsor & Newton drawing ink for dip pens in Cobalt; leather-bound journal


Fingers romance a steaming cup –
small comfort when the night sighs
like a sleeping husband.
Dawn approaches; I’m alone with the keys,
beseeching the blue screen.
I call for the iron horseman,
hero of my pages
who has forsaken me:
Quit the shadows, and finish this thing.

“Blocked” © 2017 Valerie Barrett. All rights reserved.

Stones for Writers and Artists


Celestite, an excellent crystal for writers, complements this J. Herbin glass dip pen in Sky Blue and Noodler’s fountain pen ink in Walnut

When writer’s block strikes or creativity wanes, some people believe crystals help refocus their energies. Blue topaz, for example, is known as “the writer’s stone” because it is said to enhance written and verbal communication; public speakers may find it inspiring, too. The following stones are said to be helpful for writers, artists and craftspeople. Note that many of these crystals are blue-green, the colours of the throat chakra which is associated with the voice, communication, creativity, truth and expression.

Clear the mind / invite inspiration:  amethyst, lapis lazuli
Remove mental blocks:  bloodstone, celestite
Find focus:  agate
Restore confidence to speak effectively:  aquamarine, turquoise
Enhance creativity:  amazonite, aventurine
Promote patience:  moonstone
Improve communication:  blue topaz, sodalite


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